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Rubber Sheet

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Product Information

Rubber Sheets are utilized in a wide assortment of applications across various industrial sectors. Rubber Sheets are majorly used due to the properties of Rubber as an insulator and the ease with which it can be folded, molded, cut and shaped according to various requirements.


Rubber sheet is ideally suited for applications where the sealing or protection is necessary. The use of rubbers is on a rise owing to the increased costs involved in making use of other alternatives. Hence, the combination of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Rubber makes it widely used in industrial sectors.

Premium Rubber Sheet Material Available:

• Natural Rubber Sheet

• CR - Neoprene Rubber Sheet

• Nitrile-Butadiene NBR Rubber Sheet

• EPDM Rubber Sheet

• Silicone Rubber Sheet

• FKM - Viton Rubber Sheet

Rubber Sheet Properties:

• Very good abrasion resistance

• Very good chemical resistance

• Very good ozone resistance

• Very good oil resistance

• Very good heat resistance

• Very good flame or fire resistance

• Very good anti-static resistance

• High elongation

• High tensile

• High tear resistance

• Very good sound and vibration absorption

Rubber Sheet Application:
• Chute lining
​, tank lining, surface lining, pipe lining, hopper lining

• Blade scraper

• Skirt board for conveyor belt

• Gasket and seal

These are pictures of Rubber Sheet products. Please refer to our E-Catalogue for all material types of Rubber Sheet products and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

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SIP Rubber

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