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SIP Rubber

Rubber Products Manufacturer

Tel: +62 (021) 59350530 | 24/7 WhatsApp Hotline: +628561117498 | Email:

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Our Motto: Marketing by Educating

SIP Rubber located in Tangerang, Banten - Indonesia was founded in 2014 by owners with vast experience in rubber production. We are part of Santo Rubber Group which concentrates on supplying rubber products to our customer. SIP Rubber factory

With rubber's complexity and its' broad range of usage, it is understandable when one have difficulty in choosing the right material for their products. Also, we found that there is difficulty in sourcing different suppliers for different kinds of rubber products.

These reasons led us in making SIP Rubber a company where customers from every industries can find any kind of rubber products in one place. By following SIP Rubber's Motto, we will market our brand by educating users which rubber material they should use in their field.

When you need Rubber Products, find SIP Rubber!

SIP Rubber

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