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FKM Viton Rubber Sheet

Rubber Sheets - SIP Rubber Indonesia
Rubber Sheet - SIP Rubber Indonesia
Rubber Mat - SIP Rubber Indonesia

Product Information

FKM or Viton Rubber Sheet is rubber sheet made out of high specification material which satisfy demanding environment. FKM Rubber Sheet have outstanding resistance to petroleum based fluids, acids and oil. 

Viton FKM Rubber Sheet Properties:

• Very good acid & bases resistance

• Very good chemical resistance

• Very good ozone resistance

• Very good oil resistance

• Very good heat resistance

• Very good solvent resistance
• Temperature: -30°C up to +275°C

FKM Viton Rubber Sheet Application:
• Aerospace, oil & gas, chemical processing plants

• Blade scraper

• Skirt board for conveyor belt

• Gasket and seal

Premium Rubber Sheet Material Available:

Natural Rubber Sheet

CR - Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Nitrile-Butadiene NBR Rubber Sheet

EPDM Rubber Sheet

Silicone Rubber Sheet
Butyl Rubber Sheet

FKM - Viton Rubber Sheet

These are pictures of Rubber Sheet products. Please refer to our E-Catalogue for all material types of Rubber Sheet products and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

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