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Rubber Lining

Rubber Lining - SIP Rubber Indonesia
Rubber Lining
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Product Information

Rubber Lining is an application method that is used when corrosion or abrasion is a major concern. Corrosion occurs when a metal is immersed in liquid which contains water or corrosive substances. Rubber Lining will solve the problem.

Rubber lining needs to be done by experienced & qualified technicians. By following strict procedures and with qualified skills, our rubber lining customers will receive a durable finished products.

We offer Steel Grit & Sand Blasting with SA 2.5 roughness. Hot & Cold Bonding System.

Available Rubber Material:

• Abrasion Resistance (3mm-10mm)

• Chemical Resistance (3mm-5mm)

Industries requiring Rubber Lining:

• Steel Plant

• Petrochemical Plant

• Mining

• Oil & Gas

• Power Plant

• Wastewater Treatment Plant

Please provide us with information on the drawing, what chemical do the rubber lining need to withstand, and also working temperature.

These are pictures of Rubber Lining projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

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