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Rubber Extrusion

Rubber Extrusion
Synthetic Rubber Packing

These are pictures of common Rubber Extrusion Products. Please refer to our E-Catalogue for more example of products categorized as Rubber Extrusion and do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Product Information

The extrusion die is a precise and specific tool made by cutting an opening shaped in the form of the finished rubber cross section desired through a blank of steel. Once in place, the rubber material will be forced through this die via the pressure that builds up from the revolving screw of the extruder. Many rubber compounds will tend to swell when passing through the extrusion die, causing them to experience an increase in dimensions. Thus, each die is made according to each particular part and material to ensure that all tolerances are met for the finished extruded rubber part.

Please provide us with informations where the product will be used, does it need to be:

• Abrasion resistance

• Chemically resistance

• Ozone resistance

• Oil Resistance

• Food Grade, Etc

With these informations, we will help you choose the correct rubber material for your product. 

Available Rubber material:

EPDM, NBR, NBR/PVC, SBR, NR, IR, CR, IIR, BR, PU, Silicone, HNBR, FKM or Viton, CSM

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