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Polyurethane Roll

Polyurethane Roll - SIP Rubber

These are pictures of common PU / Polyurethane Products. Please refer to our E-Catalogue for more example of products that can be made from PU and do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Product Information

PU or Polyurethane itself has a very good resistance against abrasion. Industries like Metals & Minings which has abrasion problem, will prefer PU as its' material. Though it is expensive Thus, many rolls involved in metals production facilities are coated with PU. 

Available PU material:

Hardness ranging from 60D to 95D

Hardness ranging from 60A to 95A

Other than rolls, we also produce products made from polyurethane.


PU Products:

• Vibrating screen

• Elbow Spout 

• Pipe Roller

• Rotor

• Scrapper

• Wheel

• Bushing, Etc

Products made from PU material can also be custom made. Please contact us for custom order.

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