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Natural Rubber

SIR 20 Natural Rubber - SIP Rubber
SIR20 - Ready for Shipment
SIR20 - Ready for Shipment

Product Information

Natural rubbers are harvested from rubber trees that can only be found in tropical climates. The coagulated rubber latex is extracted and then processed to remove contamination, cleaned and dried. These steps are followed by baling and palleting the dried material for storage and shipment.

Asia is the main source of natural rubber. These 3 countries: Indonesia, Thailand & Malaysia accounts for around 72% of the world's natural rubber production.

We are able to source SIR10, SIR20, RSS1, RSS3 for our domestic and also international customer. Please contact us for pricing, test results & shipment details.

These are pictures of Natural Rubber. Please refer to our E-Catalogue for other products and do not hesitate to contact us for help.

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